mRNA science at the University of Queensland

The BASE facility builds mRNA vaccines and therapies. We are a non-profit research services facility located at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), the University of Queensland (UQ).

We have a successful track record manufacturing mRNA according to the requirements of our academic, clinical and industry partners.

We can help design and manufacture your mRNA vaccines and therapies for research use.

The BASE mRNA facility can provide off-the-shelf or custom mRNA with modified nucleotides, 5-cap and LNP formulation.

We have experience providing affordable high-quality mRNA, reliable customer service, fast turn-around times and shipping across Australia.

We can also provide access to mRNA technologies and adjacent research services at the University of Queensland (pre-clinical, animal facilities, clinical trials etc.).


Off-the-shelf mRNA

  • Useful for pilot studies.
  • Common mRNA reagents, including eGFP, luciferase, mCherry, CRISPR etc.
  • Rapid and inexpensive scale-up for larger projects.
  • Can formulate in lipid nanoparticles.
  • All of our mRNA reagents have been experimentally validated.


Small-scale custom mRNA (best for in vitro studies)

  • ~100ug high-quality mRNA.
  • Best choice for experiments in cell culture.
  • Includes mRNA design, plasmid synthesis and linearization.
  • mRNA synthesis and purification with supporting analytical reports.
  • Ready for transfection into cells using standard methods.
  • High expression and efficiency, even in primary or difficult cells.


Large-scale custom mRNA (best for in vivo studies)

  • ~4 mg high-quality mRNA.
  • Best choice for animal studies.
  • Includes mRNA design, large-scale plasmid synthesis and linearisation.
  • mRNA synthesis and purification with extended analytical report
  • Lipid-nanoparticle formulation.
  • Ready for delivery into your favourite mouse model.