Latest news from the BASE facility. 


April 7th 2022

BASE hosts an ‘RNA Afternoon’ with leading Australian mRNA researchers.

The AIBN research facility BASE hosted an RNA Afternoon on April 7, with Australian experts discussing the changing RNA landscape set to fuel healthcare advances. Read more…

April 12th 2022

BASE partners with DNA Script to use Enzymatic DNA Synthesis for mRNA vaccine manufacture.

The BASE facility partners with DNA Script to integrate the SYNTAX Platform and Enzymatic DNA Synthesis Technology into mRNA vaccine manufacture as part of the DNA Scriptors Early Access Program. Read more…

Jan 6th 2022

In vivo production of CAR T cells using modified mRNA.

By injecting CD5-targeted lipid nanoparticles containing the messenger RNA (mRNA) instructions needed to reprogram T lymphocytes, the researchers were able to generate therapeutic CAR T cells entirely inside the body. Read more…

November 18th 2021 (Nature)

Optimization of Non-Coding Regions for a Non-Modified mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine.

 Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) show that the CV2CoV vaccine, a second-generation mRNA vaccine with non-modified nucleosides but optimized non-coding regions, provided greatly improved immunogenicity and protective efficacy in nonhuman primates. Read more…

Sept 16th 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Corporation (NZ) partners with BASE to develop mRNA vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccination Corporation (CVC), New Zealand’s most experienced group of vaccine researchers have joined forces with Australia’s BASE Nucleic Acids Biomanufacturing Facility to produce an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Read more…

August 6th 2021 (Science)

Researchers develop new lncRNA-based treatment for phenylketonuria.

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center demonstrated that a synthetic lncRNA mimic could improved phenylalanine metabolism in mouse models, offering a potetnial new treatment strategy to phenylketonuria. Read more…

July 15th 2021 (Sydney Morning Herald)

Locally produced mRNA vaccine won’t be available until at least 2023

Australia is likely to take until 2023 to produce its own messenger RNA vaccines like those from Pfizer and Moderna, as scientists call for a huge federal investment to match countries that already have manufacturing deals. Read more…

June 21st 2021

National roundtable to set future priorities for RNA science and research

Base facility scientists will attend a national roundtable at Australia’s home of science to map out Australia’s national priorities for RNA science and research. The event at the Shine Dome will be hosted by the Australian Academy of Science, in partnership with the Australian RNA Production Consortium (ARPC). Read more…

June 18th 2021 (Nature News)

CureVac COVID vaccine let-down spotlights mRNA design challenges

Two vaccines made using messenger RNA (mRNA) have proved spectacularly successful at warding off COVID-19, but a third mRNA-based candidate has flopped in a final-stage trial, according to an initial report released this week. Researchers are now asking why. Read more …

May 17th 2021

National investment to produce revolutionary mRNA therapies at UQ

UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) will host the “BASE” facility, via a $2.2 million investment of matched funds from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) through Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA), and the University of Queensland.