BASE drives an innovative research program in mRNA science.


mRNA vaccines and therapies.

mRNA provides a new approach to treat disease. In addition to acting as vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer, mRNA therapies can also replace defective proteins, treat inherited diseases and reprogram and engineer cells.

The BASE facility specialises in developing new mRNA vaccines and therapies for research and pre-clinical studies.

mRNA platform technologies

Taking inspiration from nature, BASE scientists are building new technologies to improve the translation, stability and performance of mRNA.

We have established a high-throughput platform able to screen new RNA sequences, secondary structures and nucleotide modifications that control mRNA expression and performance in different cell types and disease tissues.

Advanced mRNA manufacture.

BASE scientists are constantly striving to improve the manufacture of mRNA using enzymatic DNA synthesis, bioprocess optimisation and engineered enzymes. We support these advances by developing industry-leading analytics with next-generation sequencing and bioinformatic software.