The BASE facility manufactures synthetic RNA & DNA, including mRNA vaccines, plasmid DNA, and double-stranded RNA.

The BASE facility can provide a quote according to any project requirements.
We provide end-to-end services to support academic, translational and commercial research.

Project design.

BASE offers a tailored approach to define project design and deliverables according to customer specifications.

This includes using the right plasmid, optimal manufacture strategy and best downstream purification according to the scale and purity of output RNA/DNA needed.

Construct design and cloning.

The BASE facility can assist in the sequence design of mRNA vaccines and therapies, and clone optimised sequences into a platform production vector.

BASE has a curated selection of production vectors to fast-track mRNA production and has established a modular approach for rapid and complex plasmid assembly that supports efficient candidate screening.


Upstream processes.

The BASE facility has the specialised equipment and expertise for in vitro transcription of mRNA and in vivo amplification of pDNA and dsRNA. We also provide 5’ capping and modified nucleotide incorporation according to requirements.

We can manufacture small-scale batches for pilot research studies, or large-scale for translational and commercial outcomes.


Downstream processes.

The facility has established downstream processes using a combination of chromatographic and filter-based processes to provide final products at high purity.

These processes have been designed for scalability using industry standards to ensure easy translation to future development phases.

Product and process analytics.

BASE uses advanced analytics to ensure the quality of RNA and DNA at each production step.

Detailed product specifications, including full-length sequence, integrity and purity, are determined using next-generation sequencing, and provided with detailed reporting upon release.



BASE offers purified RNA and DNA formulation within lipid nanoparticles to provide ready-to-transfect products to users. Our formulation process combines scalable formulation technology with particle sizing analysis.

We also offer collaborative options for a range of novel delivery technologies developed at the AIBN.