The BASE facility provides manufacturing services for research-grade plasmid DNA, double-stranded RNA, and messenger RNA. 


Project design.

BASE offers project design tailored according to precise user requirements based on our unique expertise and experience. This includes plasmid design, sequence optimisation, and preferred manufacture strategy.

Effective project design considers the required purity and amount of synthetic nucleic-acid needed, and the users final application.

Molecular cloning.

BASE can design and clone final sequences into template plasmid DNA. We have a range of available plasmids, depending on the expression platform and the amount required.  Plasmid DNA can be manufactured at scale, and are supported by rigorous sequence and product verification.


Upstream processes.

The BASE facility has advanced equipment and expertise in upstream production steps, including in vivo amplification of pDNA, transcription of dsRNA, and in vitro transcription of dsRNA and mRNA.

We can also provide 5’ capping and incorporate modified nucleotides according to requirements.

Downstream processes.

Highly-pure nucleic acids are critical for many applications. BASE facility has established downstream processes using a combination of High-Pressure Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPHPLC) and tangential flow filtration to achieve high purification of DNA and RNA at scale.





The quality of nucleic-acids is often critical for the success of downstream applications. BASE offers in-process controls and detailed analytical characterisation of each manufacturing step. BASE also uses a state-of-the-art analytics and quality control platform to provides detailed final product specifications (including full-length sequence, length, and purity) upon release.