We can build your mRNA vaccines and therapies.

The BASE facility can provide a quote according to any project requirements.
We provide end-to-end services from mRNA design to final formulation.


Off-the-shelf mRNA

  • Free for pilot studies (~100ug).
  • Common mRNA reagents, including eGFP, luciferase, mCherry, CRISPR etc.
  • Rapid and inexpensive scale-up for larger projects (>2mg)
  • Can formulate mRNA reagents into LNPs.
  • All of our mRNA reagents have been experimentally validated.


Small-scale custom mRNA for in vitro studies

  • ~100ug high quality mRNA
  • Best choice for cellular experiments.
  • mRNA design (optimised, UTRs etc.)
  • Medium-scale plasmid synthesis and preparation.
  • mRNA synthesis and purification (~100ug)
  • Supporting analytical report (HPLC, tapestation etc.)
  • Ready for transfection into your favourite cell type using standard methods (lipofection, electroporation etc.).
  • Higher expression and efficiency, even in difficult cells.


Large-scale custom mRNA for in vivo studies

  • ~4mg high-quality mRNA.
  • Best choice for animal studies.
  • mRNA design (optimised, UTRs etc.)
  • Large-scale plasmid synthesis and preparation.
  • mRNA synthesis and purification (~4mg)
  • Lipid-nanoparticle formulation.
  • Extended analytical report (HPLC, tapestation, NGS, LNP size, protection etc.)
  • Ready for delivery into your favourite mouse model.

The BASE facility makes high-quality mRNA for a wide range of applications.

We can manufacture small-scale mRNA batches for in vitro studies or scaled-up batches for in vivo animal studies and translational outcomes.

All of our mRNA is supported by rigorous analytics and quality control, and our processes ascribe to industry-leading standards.

Project design. We have a successful track-record building different mRNAs for a wide range of applications and can provide you advice and support according to your project requirements.

mRNA sequence design. We can design candidate mRNA sequences according to specification, using codon optimisation to improve translation and uridine depletion to reduce immunogenicity.

Plasmid preparation. We have established processes for synthesis, amplification, and linearization of clean plasmid DNA templates.

In vitro transcription. We can then in vitro transcribe mRNA product at a range of different scales (0.1-5mg), using 5’ capping and modified nucleotides to ensure optimal mRNA performance.

Purification. The mRNA product is then purified from residual enzymatic, RNA and DNA contaminants using chromatographic and filter-based processes.

Formulation. BASE offers a formulation of mRNA within lipid nanoparticles for in vivo studies, with supported analysis of particle size and distribution. We can also connect researchers with collaborative options using novel delivery technologies developed at the AIBN and UQ.