BASE facility supports researchers with the design, manufacture and use of synthetic nucleic-acids.


Project design.

BASE offers a carefully-planned, project designs according the unique requirements of the user. Effective design considers the final use of synthetic nucleic-acids, and the unique requirements of the user.

Services available from BASE include project design in sequence optimisation, post-transcriptional processing and modifications, scaling and optimisation of production, purification and final analysis and characterisation.

Sequence design.

BASE offers expert advice in the design and optimisation of synthetic nucleic-acid sequences according to final requirements.

This is supported by the design and construction of vectors to express the DNA or RNA according to user requirements, and final vector and sequence verification.


BASE has extensive experience and bioprocessing capabilities in the production of DNA or in vitro transcription of RNA.

This enables the scalable manufacture of nucleic-acids according to requirements, from as little as ng-scale for initial experiments up to 1 gram-scale for large projects.


BASE can offer a range of RNA and DNA modifications, as well as post-transcriptional 5′ capping using, and well-defined polyA-tails to improve the stability and potency of mRNA products.

All modifications are supported by analytical verification.




The quality of nucleic-acids is central to data integrity and reproducibility. High-quality, and high-purity nucleic acids are often critical for the success of downstream applications.

BASE offers detailed analysis and characterisation of sequences and modifications to verify full-length identity, modifications, and purity.