BASE facility comprises a team of skilled and expert scientists. 


Assoc. Professor Tim Mercer
Group Leader

Tim Mercer leads a laboratory and bioinformatic research group with interests in genomics, RNA
and synthetic biology.

Professor Trent Munro
Director, National Biologics Facility

Trent Munro leads a research group in drug and antibody biomanufacture and is Director for the CEPI-funded Vaccine
Rapid Response pipeline.

Professor Linda Hwee-Lin Lua
Director, Protein Expression Facility

Linda Hwee-Lin Lua leads a research
group with interests in the design and production of proteins for discovery and translational research.

Dr Romain Tropée
Nucleic-Acid Production Lead

Romain Tropée leads nucleic-acid production capabilities and development of innovative platform processes to deliver high-quality research services.