The BASE facility is a team of passionate scientists.


Assoc. Professor Tim Mercer

Tim Mercer leads a laboratory and bioinformatic research group with interests in genomics, RNA
and synthetic biology.

Dr Romain Tropée
Nucleic-Acid Production Lead

Romain Tropée leads our nucleic-acid production capabilities and development of innovative platform processes to deliver high-quality research services.

Dr Seth Cheetham
Scientific Lead & Partnerships

Dr Seth Cheetham leads innovative research programs and partnerships involving mRNA technologies and their applications in health.

Johnathon Peters
Nucleic-Acid Research Specialist

Jonathan Peters brings over ten year’s experience in developing nucleic acid-based technologies for agriculture and specialises in mRNA design and production.

Emily Ariens
Upstream Bioprocess Development

Emily Ariens has extensive experience in upstream bioprocess development at a GMP facility, and specialises in nucleic acids production and purification.

Dae Jong
Nucleic-Acid Analytics

Dae Jong has extensive experience in QC of nucleic acids preparation and is supporting the establishment of DNA/RNA analytic platforms.

Senel Idrisoglu
Sequencing Lead (affiliate)

Senel Idrisoglu has experience in clinical genomics, and leads the development of next-generation sequencing technologies for synthetic DNA/RNA analysis.

Dr Helen Gunter
mRNA Design (affiliate)

Dr Helen Gunter leads the development of novel synthetic DNA/RNA design and  technologies, and their clinical application in human health.

Swat Singh
PhD student (affiliate)

Swati Singh is developing new synthetic mRNA platforms that amplify the expression and performance of mRNA therapies.