We are passionate scientists who believe in the potential of mRNA.

A/Prof. Tim Mercer

Tim Mercer leads a laboratory and bioinformatic research group with interests in genomics, RNA
and synthetic biology.

Dr Seth Cheetham
Scientific Lead & Partnerships

Dr Seth Cheetham leads innovative research programs and partnerships involving mRNA technologies and their applications in health.

Dr. Jonathan Peters
Operations Lead

Jonathan Peters brings over ten year’s experience in developing nucleic acid-based technologies and manages mRNA manufacture operations.

Emily Ariens
Downstream Processes

Emily Ariens has experience in bioprocess development and specialises in mRNA purification and formulation.

Senel Idrisoglu
Project Manager

Senel Idrisoglu has experience in accredited clinical laboratories and manages mRNA projects and client relations.

Dae Jong Han
mRNA Analytics

Dae Jong performs the rigorous analysis of BASE mRNA manufacture and quality control using industry-leading techniques.

Dr Helen Gunter
mRNA Technologies

Dr Helen Gunter leads the development of novel mRNA designs and  technologies, and their clinical application in human health.

Thornwit Chavalparit
PhD student

Thornwit Chavalparit is developing new mRNA technologies to improve industrial bioprocesses.

Swati Singh
PhD student

Swati Singh is developing new mRNA technologies to improve in vivo expression of encoded therapies

Shahla Kangachar
PhD student

Shahla Asgharzadeh Kangachar is developing new mRNA technologies to improve cellular translation and stability.

Maria Victorova
Honours student

Maria Victorova is using synthetic mRNAs to program immune cells to recognise and eliminate cancer.

Yohaann Jafrani
PhD student

Yohaann Jafrani is developing innovative mRNA-based technologies to identify the determinants of cell identity.